Explore the Real Taste of Thailand with Delicious Street Food

Thailand is the hub of tantalizing street food!

Street food here provides convenient, delicious and cheap meals and it’s one of the purest ways to get in touch with the local culture. Look out for these fantastic dishes when you’re browsing the country’s night markets and streets.

Jim Jum

A soup that serves 2 or more. It comes in a clay pot and they bring out uncooked veggies and your choice of meat or seafood (or both). You cook the veggies and meat/seafood in the broth.

Kluay Tod

A better, crispier, and tastier Thai version of banana fritters, Kluay Tod is one of the famous Thailand street food snack. Kluay Tod is a must-have snack when in the street food capital, Bangkok.

Khanom Buang

Thin crispy folded crepes tucked with sweet or savoury coconut shreds are not difficult to find. Many people can eat a couple of these small palm-sized snacks at a time after it’s prepared on a griddle.

Gai Yang

A great breakfast treat, Gai Yang is marinated chicken grilled over a charcoal fire and enjoyed with glutinous rice in a plastic bag. More difficult to find than the ubiquitous fried chicken.


This dish consists of very thin glass noodles that can either be served dry or with broth. It’s not spicy at all and is cooked with veggies and either meat or seafood.

Kanom Krok

Another popular Bangkok snack. It is small and round and tastes like a baked coconutty kueh. However, the soft moist centre reminds you of a lava cake.

Ob Woon Sen

This is one of the quintessential dishes of Bangkok. Glass bean noodles are baked in a metal pot with prawns or crab, flavoured with coriander roots and local booze.

Thai food culture is lively, communal, and rewards those who are willing to take risks with new dishes.

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